Good climate

Panama has a tropical climate, with Pacific Ocean breezes that give us a pleasant climate. The average temperature is 75 F in the morning and 86 F in the afternoon. The rainy season is from April to September.  Heating is not necessary, making Panama an excellent choice for those who prefer warm weather.


Good quality medical care

Panama has good quality medical care. Both public hospitals and private clinics are available. However, medical services vary greatly depending on where you go. The capital, Panama City, has the best doctors and medical facilities. Doctors in Panama are generally trained in the United States and speak English. Expats and tourists are encouraged to obtain international health insurance during their stay in Panama, with coverage for emergency medical evacuation, medical treatment in Panama and worldwide, as well as dental and eye care.


No tax on foreign income

Panama has a territory-based tax system which means that you can pay little or no tax on your foreign income. This applies to Panamanian residents and companies. This policy attracts many foreigners to Panama to become residents. Be sure to speak to an expat tax advisor to find out if you should move to Panama for tax purposes.


Minimum language barrier

There are many expats living in Panama. Although Spanish is the official language, English is considered Panama’s second language, and most local residents speak English fluently.


Panama is the safest country in Latin America

With a stable government and a small population, Panama is considered the safest country in Latin America. Due to the Canal and our tax jurisdiction, there is international interest in preserving a safe environment for investment throughout the Republic of Panama.


Great nightlife and an innovative food scene

Panama City is sometimes compared to a tropical Miami. With bars and restaurants with rooftop terraces, salsa bars, experimental Japanese restaurants, and Michelin-starred chefs, it offers the best dining and entertainment in interior-designed spaces. We also have many restaurants where you can eat delicious local food without breaking the bank.


Panama is a natural sanctuary

In Panama you will find beaches on the Pacific and Caribbean coasts, cloud forests in the highlands, a volcano, mountain flora on the highest peaks, lakes, rivers, mangroves and thousands of islands. With such biodiversity, the country is a unique and largely unspoilt natural sanctuary that you can slowly discover over time.


Weekend escapes

There are thousands of islands to explore. The capital is an exciting and vibrant city. But with mountains, desert islands, Caribbean beaches, and abundant rainforest, living in Panama means taking incredible weekend trips, over and over again.


Home to exotic and exciting wildlife

As a biological corridor between North and South America, Panama is a tropical paradise with abundant flora and fauna. Watching wildlife is one of the best things to do in Panama. Discover and study animal species such as whales, jaguars, butterflies, eagles, and golden frogs.


Panama is the financial center of Latin America

For many, Panama means business. The financial sector is crucial to the Panamanian economy and includes banking, insurance and trading services. It is also a logistics center and many multinational companies have established their regional headquarters in Panama and operate their operations from the capital.


Strategic location between North and South America

Panama is a great center for international business and also an excellent base for traveling. Less than a two-hour flight from Miami, one hour from Bogotá and three hours from Mexico City, it is strategically located at the crossroads of two continents and two oceans in a way that provides good access to a huge and prosperous region.

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