The CEO of Grupo Los Pueblos is convinced that the development of Panamanian society goes hand in hand with high quality projects with a social impact.

By Ana Cristina Camacho/ Velia Jaramillo,

As president of Grupo Los Pueblos, Mayor Alfredo Alemán has made a name for himself by building meaningful projects throughout the company’s 30-year history.
“We are always thinking of and developing different ideas and high-impact ventures for Panama. Our strategy remains the same, although it has evolved: hard and honest work, tenacity, encouragement of first-rate human capital, and commitment to the responsible development of the country. Our next project is already underway, and many more will follow in the next few years,” promises the businessman.
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Grupo Los Pueblos is a group of companies engaged in the design, architecture, construction, marketing and sale of residences, apartments, malls, offices and other projects.
These activities are spread across five divisions: Business Solutions, Real Estate Development, Storage, Transportation and Special Projects. From the perspective of its CEO, it is a winning bet to develop ventures that create value and at the same time keeping it within the country’s group of forward-thinking companies. It is always about launching emblematic, pioneering, high-quality projects which significantly contribute to the creation of jobs.
Ocean Reef Islands is an example of this corporate vision. They are the first two man-made islands on the Pacific Ocean in Latin America.
“The islands are the product of this group’s tenacity and capabilities. Ocean Reef Islands, built on 19 hectares in the bay of Panama City, represents one of the best opportunities for GLP to focus all of its capabilities in a single, sophisticated, and high-impact project with lots developed for luxury residences and the building of residential buildings: low-density apartments and a marina, with more than 170 moorings, which is scheduled to start construction in December of this year,” he said.
Alemán highlighted that the construction of the Panama Metro increased connectivity with the Grand National Transport Terminal and malls, which are GLP projects.
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Another megaproject, the fourth bridge over the Canal, next to the access roads to the Grand Terminal, will also have a positive impact. He expects it to be a building project that will increase traffic and operations.
Grupo Los Pueblos is examining the development of homes, hospitals, and entertainment hubs in the surrounding areas.
“In Grupo Los Pueblos, ideas are born, each one is developed, and we work hard to make them a reality; for us diversification is not only key, but necessary,” he stated. Starting with this projection, Alemán says that they will continue working on projects that have a huge impact on the country, built to a high standard, and that generate employment and that contribute to social development.
20 years of E&N
“I congratulate you on being pioneers. For representing an effective communication platform for the business community in Latin America. This is a magazine with a premium, interesting, up-to-date, novel, objective and relevant content. Today, information is the most valuable intangible asset. To inform is to educate, develop human capital, and contribute to the sustainable social development that we all want for our region. They have credibility and this is the most important thing”.
Disruptive solutions
Mayor Alfredo Alemán has a clear idea of the company he represents. He knows that Grupo Los Pueblos has played an essential part in many of the country’s most important building projects. “We are and will continue to be, a group of companies at the forefront and that evolves to achieve our objectives,” he stated.
“Many important projects in Panama were controversial at the beginning. The most important thing is to develop ventures that generate value and give our country a good name,” he maintains. He is referring to another large project promoted by the company, the NG power gas-fired power plant, which has faced a number of issues with Panama’s regulatory authority. It is a project that will affect the country’s electricity sector, reducing energy costs and subsidies. “It will lead to a fall in earnings for some and this has been the cause of certain obstacles to the project. That is why we say no to monopolies, Panama comes first.”