Alfredo Alemán and his ambition for the expansion of man-made islands in Latin America

One of the leading real estate development companies in Central and North America, inaugurates one of its most anticipated “insignia projects”: the launch of two man-made islands. One contains 72 lots and measures 10.3 hectares and the other contains 66 lots and measures 8.7 hectares of new land. The challenge in building these islands located in front of Panama City is clear: to replicate them in Latin America.

-Los Pueblos Group is widely recognized in Central and North America for its luxury building developments, but didn’t you start with social housing projects negotiating with the dictator Manuel Antonio Noriega in Panama?

– Indeed, during the eighties we started with low-income housing while living under a dictatorship. Note that this type of construction for the people always sells, regardless of who is occupying the presidential desk. Every human being needs a decent home and Panama is no exception, and during the Noriega period certain very interesting mortgage programs were created. So, even with Noriega in power, exceptionally good mortgage financing programs for the real estate sector were created. Later, we had the vision to get involved in the construction of malls, offices, high- and low-density residences, industrial warehouses, transport terminals, etc. We have focused on diversification with our projects, which, by the way, has brought us very important plans internationally.


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