Albrook Mall

Albrook Mall is Panama’s most ambitious and comprehensive shopping mall.

Albrook Mall is a large, super-regional shopping center located in Panama City, Panama. The shopping center was opened in 2002 and is located next to the large national transport terminal and Marcos A. Gelabert National Airport. Albrook Mall has more than 50,000 people on weekends.  Within the shopping center we have cinemas, restaurants, supermarkets, pharmacies, travel agencies, hairdressers, gyms and playgrounds.

Albrook Mall is Panama’s most ambitious and complete shopping center with more than 600 commercial premises. More than 3Km of premises; combining commercial, service and entertainment activities. The Shopping Center already has 6 stages, distributed over 2 floors. With 3 Food Courts of a great gastronomic variety, with more than 100 restaurants of varied meals.



Paola Rosas, Norma Rivera





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