Grupo Los Pueblos is known for its vast experience in the execution of special and innovative projects in the region. This is precisely why Ingenieros Civiles Asociados (ICA) commissioned the construction and development of Punta Pacific Islands (Ocean Reef Islands) to GLP.

Ocean Reef Islands (ORI)

Ocean Reef will be the first man-made residential islands built in Latin America. An exclusive community of only 138 residential lots will be developed in modern Panama City, in front of Punta Pacifica.

The development consists of two islands with the following characteristics:

  • West Island: Lots 72 – 10.3 hectares
  • East Island: Lots 66 – 8.7 hectares
  • Low density lots with oceanfront houses for one or two families and up to three levels with a basement.
  • Elaborated Design Guidelines, together with EDSA, will prevail in all areas of the island, guaranteeing the luxury of the residences.
  • Gardens, parks and recreational areas (tennis courts) will be part of the project.
  • Private residential Marina and Clubhouse.
  • 24-hour restricted access, monitored by a security team that will guarantee the islands’ security and privacy.
  • Heliport.

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